Rallying Humanity

We here at the LoDown strive to be as politically incorrect and as unbiasedly informed as possible. We want to issue an invitation to rally humanity forward as we walk cautiously towards an unknown future. What does it look like? How will we integrate with technology and advance our causes, help our planet, and become better humans?

I for one, have always been a flawed vessel. A messenger at times broken by his own poor choices in this life. Most of these lessons I have learned from, other lessons I have to work on every day of my life.

Despite it all, I still wish to be an instrument of truth, a champion of change, and a voice for the American People.

We live in an age of misinformation. The power and desire to control the narrative is so important to the mainstream media, and to our elected officials who govern us. It used to be the case, that we could chew the meat and spit out the bones, now we find ourselves with very little meat to chew on that bone. Through our blog, we hope to start conversations, civil discourses amongst ourselves and our social networks. We can all be as much of the problem we want or as much of the solution and change we need to be.

This blog and subsequent podcast has been inspired by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and his Moving Humanity Forward organization. We believe in the core fundamental principles of his campaign and his ongoing pursuit to help the middle class in various ways, especially in the areas of Universal Basic Income, displacement of our workforce due to automation and the 4th industrial revolution, and our data being a commodity and how it should be our property.

We will write opinion pieces and back it up with facts. Fact checking is always welcome and an important component to our everyday consumption of information. At times we will have guest writers, experts in their fields, to share their viewpoints on this blog as we approach Humanity with inclusivity instead of exclusivity.

Lastly, we will not just share views politically, but we will offer content about family, lifestyle and parenting as well as amazing stories of how Humanity is Moving Forward and rallying together.

Welcome to The LoDown.

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